Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Long May You Run


Jillian deserves a post. She's been through alot lately. Though each time a new complication arises, I am reminded of how lucky we have been through all these years.

Jillian was born at 28 weeks, a critically ill micro premie in 1994. She was given a 70% chance of surviving and escaping the possible side effects of being born so early.

Survive she did! And she grew up to be kind and loyal and gifted in art and music. She also trained gymnastics for ten years!

Jillian was the baby in our family. For twelve years she was the baby of the family. And then, one hot and humid day, on the 23 floor of the Civil Affairs Bureau in Nanchang, Jiangxi, China, Jillian became a big sister when we adopted Cami.


She handled the transition beautifully. Two years later, we adopted Delilah, and Jillian found herself the absolute middle child. Again, a lesser soul might have had trouble with jealousy or displacement, but Jillian rose to the occasion and became the older sister anyone would be proud to have.


Lately, Jillian has been struggling with health problems and pain. She suffers quietly most of the time, so when she comes to me with a complaint, I know it needs attention.

Most recently fatique and pain have kept her from doing all the fun things she wants to plan and enjoy with her friends. Recent blood tests show extreme anemia. We don't know exactly why she isn't replacing red blood cells quickly enough, so we are going to explore it further with a hemotologist. She will probably be given a boost of iron and I will look forward to seeing her eyes bright and cheeks rosy once again.

The photo at the top of this post shows how tired she often looks, with dark circles and pale skin. Please pray for my precious daughter.

Jillian's older sister once gave her this unusual compliment..... She said, "Jillian doesn't seem to mind when other people have needs". I think it was a roundabout way of describing Jillian's heart for others. She seems to know when someone needs a little extra kindness, a little extra care. And now she is the one with the need. We want to see her restored to full health and energy. The world is waiting for her!


Terynn said...

What a lovely tribute to your beautiful middle child. It hurts to see her look so weak and pale. I will gladly spend time in prayer for her to recover and restore her sparkle and shine.

Hugs to her Mama, too, who I know would rather suffer herself than have her precious daughter suffer.

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