Saturday, April 9, 2011

Trees Are For Climbing


Tree climbing is a rite of passage for little girls I think. I remember being proud I could climb any tree as high as any boy in my neighborhood.

I remember sitting in a tree feeling so hidden by the limbs and leaves, enjoying watching the world go by from my private place. I really thought no one could see me, and often I was right about that.

I remember two large Mimosa trees in my grandparents yard. I think when God created trees, he made the Mimosa especially for children to climb! The large, sturdy trunks and limbs needed just a sprinkle of imagination to become ships or forts or castles. My grandfather told me a few times the Mimosa trees were not healthy and should be cut down. I think he left them standing longer than he wanted just because we played in them so much. And I'm so glad he did!

My childhood is full of great memories involving trees, so when I saw my girls climbing a tree for the first time in our backyard, I knew I wanted to capture the moment. And I can see in their eyes they have discovered the magic too!

Now in this quiet moment, reflecting on their fun, I'm called to remember the children who do not have trees to climb and the ones whose bodies do not cooperate with their dreams and so they can only imagine climbing.

I am thankful for the joy my girls shared with me outdoors today and I am prayful for the children living a different story. May God have mercy. And may I never forget them and never stop trying to relieve suffering, wherever it is found.




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