Saturday, May 5, 2012

God of the Empty Spaces

I've heard many definitions of what God is, what He does, and I've known Him to be both very close to me and other times seemingly unreachable.

Over the past few months, I've come to understand that to describe the God of my imagination is to put God in a box, to diminish Him 

 I have also started to understand that when I think God is not near, it's merely my point of view, limiting my ability to know God in that moment.

My blog has been silent.   

I have felt like I had little to say.   

I didn't want to admit life was too hard to describe, or that there was no good lighting for photographing my days.  I did not want to reach out from the darkness.   It became common to feel locked alone and silent.

Did God foget about me?   Not at all.    I just forgot to recognize Him.

The  other night, reading in my bed, I saw something written by C.S. Lewis, and I smiled because  He pointed out exactly where God is.

He wrote about those times when we don't  think we can walk another step, but we do.....when.we walk into another room and smile another smile, and give something from our heart to someone who needs it, that is God.

When we are at the breaking point and ready to give up............. but we don't, we keep going just a little longer, a little further, that is God.  

When we hear alot of bad news, but still we hang onto the slip of a hope and we carry it around with us, like a child with an old beloved blanket, that is God.

God is in the Empty Spaces.

In the Impossibilities.
In the getting out of bed when we thought we couldn't.
In the finding smiling patience when we thought we wouldn't.

God is in those place, all those Empty Spaces,
where WE never planned to be

when we keep on moving, speaking, believing in a better day
that part


Carmi said...

Beautiful post! Thanks for sharing on FB so I knew to click and read!

Suz said...

So, so good to see that you are writing here again. Welcome! Welcome!

As I read your post, I thought of the saying "work like it all depends on you; pray like it all depends on god." I know those times when all those impossible places make it impossible to be away of god. Maybe that is the time when we are supposed to be working with all of our might.

At least, I hope something like that is true.

Hi said...


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