Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Honesty

Like many of my writing friends, there comes a time when the best thing to do is start a new Blog.

Maybe we have a new idea, a new focus, or maybe the old blog is so sadly neglected, the only thing that makes sense is to start over.

My reason is all those reasons, plus my desire to have a blog design that would allow for larger photographs. Many times, my photos tell the story better than my words.

And that is my true reason for blogging. I have a story to tell. I see stories all around me, everyday. And I want to record these stories........for myself. for my family and my children, and for anyone else who stumbles in and finds something interesting here.

My trouble lies in wanting to blog honestly.

How do I tell the real story and still protect the dignity and privacy of everyone involved. Is it possible to blog without horrifying my children!!!!!

Have you found a way to accomplish honest blogging? I realized if I waited until I found the answer I needed, this blog would never get started. And too many stories would fall away untold and forgotten.

I decided it was better to just begin. I'll find my answers as I go.

If you look on the "About Me" page , there is a sweet background story to our blog title. And it's only a part of the story. In a strange way, we've all been drawing maps to China for a lifetime. Now each, in his own way, is trying to follow them.

2011 opens with a burst of hope and creativity. In the midst of struggle, there is a small light. In the doldrums of winter, suddenly pain is relieved. Sun peeks in where only darkness has been. The year began with spurts and stops, but I believe there is so much magic yet to come.

As a quick peek into my life and mind, here is the stack of books beside my bed. I read, I must read, every night before sleep. I get into bed as early as possible and read, sometimes for hours. And the more I read, the more I want to write, and I guess this brings us back to the beginning.


Suz said...

Gosh, this is gorgeous! Your pictures are beautiful, the design takes my breath away. All of it frames you wonderful words with such grace. I am green with jealousy! LOL.

Have so much fun!

norie said...

this is really beautiful, sherri...i love what you write and your pictures..i, too, have fallen off blogging and am not really sure why...maybe i should do the same...but i do not have one tenth of your creativity!

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